2016 Shakespeare Festival Audition Timeframe Scheduler

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NOTE: Why does it say $0.00? We are using our online box office to schedule auditions to make the process efficient and accurate. You will not be charged or asked for a credit card. 

Questions? Please email auditions@uctheatre.org

Please choose 1 timeframe per actor. Please "Checkout" with your name, phone and email at the minimum so we can contact you if needed. Once you have checked out, you will receive an automatic email, confirming your timeframe. Timeframes are limited to approximately 15 actors. If you are unable to sign up for a timeframe, come to the audition and sign up on the Standby List. We will schedule you as we can.

This audition is for all three productions, with one audition, but three different callbacks. You may specify on the audition form which production(s) you are auditioning for.

Henry V
(Henry 4 parts 1 & 2 will be included in this fast paced version )
Taming of the Shrew
Festival Faire

PREPARATION: Resume,headshot and audition form. Download UCT Audition Form HERE.
MONOLOGUE: 30 second monologue of your choice OR from our suggested audition sides that you may download HEREActors may audition for all three shows (Breakfast With Shakespeare Show). 
WHERE: Utah Children's Theatre: 3605 S State Street SLC, UT 84115
WHEN: Saturday May 21st from 9:30am - 12pm
WHO: Adults of all ages and strong older teen actors. Younger teens may audition for the Festival Faire.
CALLBACKS: Will be held by invitation the following week in the evening.

Utah Children's Theatre has been producing Shakespeare for young audiences since it's inception. In 2012 a Shakespeare Festival was created as a permanent part of our mission. The Festival strives to initiate excitement about Shakespeare and make it accessible through clarification and cutting of length while maintaining Shakespeare's language.

The Festival runs August 20th - October 1st 2016. ( Performances are scheduled for Saturdays only. Festival Faire runs 10am - 12pm and Henry V and Taming of the Shrew alternating between 1pm and 4:30pm)

Henry V
4:30pm on August 20th, September 3rd, 17th, and October 1st.
1pm on August 27th, September 10th and the 24th. 

Taming of the Shrew
1pm on August 20th, September 3rd, 17th, and October 1st. 
4:30pm on August 27th, September 10th and the 24th. 

Rehearsals will begin mid June alternating between shows on weeknights. Festival Faire rehearsals will be on Saturday mornings.

The Festival Faire Cast of Characters
The Festival is broken into several parts. Please read below.
Breakfast with Shakespeare! A mashup introduction to Shakespeare's Works.

William Shakespeare
4-8 Male and Female actors with strong comedy skills.
The Fictional Adventures of Young William Shakespeare, A Marionette Show in 3 parts
3-5 Puppeteers with strong dexterity skills. 
3 Heralds, two that can play the trumpet and one for a drum
Tournament Games Keepers
2-4 Master of Ceremonies to conduct the tournament of games.
4-8 Face Paint artists and Craft persons.  

HENRY V Cast of Characters (Henry IV parts 1 & 2 are included)This is only a list of the principal characters. Actors will most likely be cast in several roles, as the show condenses three plays and covers many events and locales.

Prince Hal/Henry V
King Henry IV
Sir John Falstaff
Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland
Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester
Owen Glendower
King of France
Lewis the Dauphin
Lady Percy
Mistress Quickly
Catherine, princess of France
Alice, her lady

Taming of the Shrew Cast of Characters

Son of Antonio, a resident of Verona, and intent on finding a wife, Petruchio arrives in Padua ready to take any woman so long as enough money is involved. Katharina's dowry is all that matters to him at the outset, but her cleverness and "shrewishness" seem to excite him genuinely.
The ostensible romantic lead of the play. Lucentio proves more conventional than his more outspoken and vivacious friend, Petruchio. Both men are well-off, but it is Lucentio who can claim a father "of incomparable wealth"; he hails from Pisa and has come to Padua to pursue his education. His purely academic goals fall to pieces, however, when he sees Bianca. For the rest of the play, Lucention single-mindedly pursues her.
The "shrew." When she first appears, Katharina lashes out at Hortensio and Gremio, shocking one spectator - Tranio - and delighting the others - us. She is consistently clever, strong-willed and vibrant, an attractive contrast to her sister Bianca. When she seems finally subjugated at the play's end, Shakespeare subtly suggests that she may yet have the upper hand.
The younger daughter of Baptista and the object of Lucentio's affection. Bianca's name means 'white,' and indeed she is rather colorless compared to her vivacious sister, Katharina.
A wealthy gentleman of Padua, father of Katharina and Bianca. He outspokenly prefers his more well-behaved daughter and has no compunction about referring to Katharina as "the veriest shrew of all."
Lucentio's principal attendant. He assumes Lucentio's identity in order to help him win Bianca's heart, and by doing so suggests that all that separates a master from his servant is language and dress.
One of Bianca's suitors. Pompous and foolish. Though posited at the outset as a significant rival, he soon enough takes Tranio's bait and runs off to marry a wealthy widow.
An old, foolish suitor of the young and beautiful Bianca. He is the only one of the various suitors in the play who winds up with nothing at the end.
Petruchio's servant. He often speaks his mind, playfully twisting words around, but he is very clearly a servant. He never gets the chance to play the master as Tranio does. Instead, both Petruchio and Katharina beat and ridicule him mercilessly.
Lucentio's wealthy father.
Another servant of Lucentio's.
A Widow
Hastily courted and wed by Hortensio, the widow is rich, and therefore does not remain unmarried for long.
A Tailor
Insulted by Petruchio.
A Haberdasher
Insulted by Petruchio.
Nathaniel, Philip, Joseph, Nicholas, Peter, Curtis
Servants, likewise insulted by Petruchio.

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