Theatre School

Parker Theatre Classes have gone virtual!

Now through the end of May, theatre school classes in acting, musical theatre, improv and production are online.

Each of our online classes will have a unique weekly lesson with our teachers.  Along with regular lessons, we will also have some exciting challenges and specialty videos of different activities not usually offered at the theater.

Watch a trailer of our new class format here: 

 To sign up for classes, click here.


Beginning Acting - Story time with Miss Amber! Hear one story a week from Miss Amber. Then, you get to act like one of the characters from the books.

Elementary Acting - Readers Theater and Monologues! Weekly one on one training sessions where students will create a fully realized character through an individual speech.

Intermediate and Advanced Acting - Radio Drama! Learn about voice acting while recording your role in an authentic radio drama.

Musical Theater - Virtual Singing Lessons! Weekly one on one voice lessons where students will find their favorite style of musical theater as well as learn one song as an entire class.

Improv - Individual Games! Ms Amanda will send weekly games to practice improv on your own or with others in your household. Then, create your own Bad Lip Reading with Ms Amanda’s help.

Production - Sound Design! Miss Nellie will teach you how to create a sound scape through QLab (a multimedia playback cue-based software that is free to download and used by almost every professional theater company).

Our goal is to not only provide weekly class experiences, but some extra fun activities you can do at home!

Teachers will create special video tutorials just for online theater school. We will cover topics like stage makeup, musical theater choreography, piano lessons and more! We will also offer worksheets, scavenger hunts and activity pages for theater activities without electronics.

Plus, each week, we will post a challenge for all the students. These challenges will range from creating a tableaux with your household to choreographing your own dance. After completing the challenge, students will email their video to our school email ( If we get 100 submissions by May 1st, the teachers will film themselves getting cream pies to the face!!

In order to participate in our virtual theater school, parents will need:

  • iClasspro. Sign up for classes via iclasspro here
  • Email. Check your email used to sign up for class on iclasspro on Mondays for weekly challenges and class updates.
  • Zoom. If you’d like to have class via live stream, create an account and download Zoom here to your computer or tablet.
  • YouTube. Subscribe to our Parker Theatre School YouTube Page for challenge videos, specialty videos and announcements.
  • Wait to be contacted. After you have signed up, your child’s teacher will email or call your family to decide if you would like to schedule live streams or use recorded videos and email feedback. Please note, musical theater voice lessons will be very difficult without the live stream option. If you have any concerns with this format, please let your teacher know.

  • Tuition costs will remain the same. $50 per month, per class with a $15 discount for additional classes. We hope that the extra activities as well as more opportunities to work one on one with coaches will help make up for the lack of in person instruction.

    Any student age 4 to 16 from anywhere! Even if you haven't participated in theater school in person, you can join online. We also have rolling enrollment so students can join at any time.