Summer Camps



NOW ENROLLING! Our 2017 Summer Camps offer 1 week sessions in acting, musical theatre, improv, Shakespeare and more. New offerings this year!

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Take morning & afternoon camps for the same child in the same week and get 5 packed snacks for free!

OUR NEW SPACE will be open for the 2017 Summer Camps! The STUDIO is located right next to the theatre at 3601 S. State. CAMPS are held at our theatre located at 3605 S. State Street in South Salt Lake and the STUDIO.


Frequently Asked Questions:


 What times and days are summer camps offered?
Summer camps are offered Monday through Friday. 2017 camps start on June 5 and end on August 18. We do not hold camps the week of July 4 or 24. Our morning camps are taught from 9:00 to 11:30 and our afternoon camps are taught from 12:00 pm to 2:30pm. Many parents sign their children up for both morning and afternoon camps, although students can also take just morning or just afternoon.  


Do I have to come get my child in-between the morning and afternoon classes if they are staying for both?

No. If your child is staying for the full day, please sign up for the Supervised Lunch Break. Students can eat lunch, play games, or watch G-rated movies during the 30 minute break between classes. The supervised lunch break is a nominal cost per week. Lunch is NOT provided. Please either send your child with a lunch or purchase Packed Snacks. If you sign up for the full day, you get 5 free packed snacks (one per day). You may want to sign up for additional packed snacks, as your child will have 3 snack breaks if they are staying the full day.

What is your refund policy for summer camps?

On occasion, it may be necessary to cancel or exchange your scheduled camp to a different week.

 Exchanges: If the exchange happens at least 2 weeks in advance of your scheduled camp, it is FREE. Last minute exchanges are $25. This is because our camps often fill up. With last minute exchanges, it can be difficult to re-sell the spot to another student, since parents already think the camp is sold out.

Refunds: If you are unable to exchange your camp to a different week, refunds may be given at the following rates:
At least 2 weeks in advance: 90% refund
Last minute cancellation (1-13 days before): 80% refund.
First day of camp cancellation: 70% refund
Second day of camp cancellation: 50% refund
No refunds after the second day of camp.


Do you have an extended day option for working parents?

Our camps run from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday. We do not currently offer extended care before or after these times. It is something we are looking in to for the 2018 summer camp session. If you are interested in having an extended day option, please contact Jana Cox at so we can decide if there is enough interest to offer it in the future.

 General Description of Summer Camps

Drama is an integrated discipline. Athletic, musical, visual, and collaborative. The Summer programs at Utah Children's Theatre emphasize individual responsibility within a team environment.


Additional Description

Ensemble technique is a physical and vocal approach to theater that values the success of the group as a whole. Students develop the necessary skills applicable to public presentation as they explore the creative use of body and voice. They investigate the subtext of spatial relationships, listening, stillness, and silence as powerful tools for communication.

Through warm-ups, group work, theatre games and performance assignments, students explore the creative use of body and voice, developing a sense of confidence in front of classmates and an audience. The class climate is encouraging, fun, and dynamic.

Each student engages in drama exercises that focus on ensemble technique, the essence of any successful theatrical experience and team endeavor. Class sessions strengthen each student's ability to compromise and negotiate, lead as well as follow, generate and weed out ideas. 

Students are encouraged to observe their peers' performances with the eyes of acting students, rather than as a passive audience. Active observation is the key to understanding what works on stage and why. Students give each other constructive feedback with specific examples of success and clear suggestions for improvement.

Games are designed to heighten kinesthetic awareness and strengthen listening skills. Students learn to use voices and bodies expressively to tell stories and to convey emotions and ideas.

During class time, students perform many times for each other, either solo or with a group. In the recital pieces all students share equal responsibility for the success of their performance. Most camps will conclude with a class recital presented for parents and friends.