Summer Camp FAQs

Summer Camp Questions and Answers

1. How do I purchase a summer camp? Go to the following link: Click on the month you are interested in. Then click on the camp you would like to purchase and add to cart; go through the check out process.

2. I purchased a summer camp now what?
    You will receive a confirmation email or text of your purchase. You will receive an email or text from us with a link to the policies and procedures form and Kidddo App Setup information for registration and check in/out. This will usually arrive a few weeks before your scheduled camp.

3. I have not received or cannot find the email with the registration information. Click on the following link to get to the registration: Registration/ Policies and Procedures Form.

4. How do I check my child in and out? First, you need to set up a KIDDO account. The Kidddo username is uct. The KIDDDO password is summer2019. Click on the following link to setup the "Kidddo" check in/out app: Kidddo Setup

Once you have set up an account, with your 6 number password, you may check your child in and out at the Kiosks in the lobby, or on your phone if you choose to download the app.

We prefer that you come inside to pick up your camper. This is not only for security but also for safety of your child in the parking lot.

5. What time do summer camps start and end?
    Morning classes start at 9:00 am end at 11:30 am.
    Afternoon classes start at 12:00 pm and end at 2:30 pm.

If your child is staying all day (9 to 2:30) send them with a lunch and they will be supervised for the 30 minutes in-between classes.

6. Where do I drop off my camper?
3605 State St, South Salt Lake, UT 84115 is the address of the Theatre. Your camper should enter the Studio building just North of the main building, which is 3601 S. State Street. There are two check in Kiosks in the lobby of the Studio or you can check in and out your student via the Kidddo Kiosk App. Click on the following link to get information regarding the Kidddo check in/out app: Kidddo FAQs

7. Do I need to send my camper with snacks?
You can send them with their own snacks or purchase packed snacks from us. If your camper is taking morning and afternoon classes, you should send (or buy) 2 snacks per day, plus send a lunch. Click on the following for information on packed snacks; Packed Snacks.

8. Is lunch provided if my camper is in both in a morning and afternoon camp?
    No, lunch is not provided but a supervised area and time are provided. If a camper is signed up for both and morning and afternoon class they need to bring their own lunch and we will provide a supervised area for them to eat and wait for their next camp. Click on the following link for more information: Supervised Lunch Break.

9. Is early drop off or late pick up available?
Early drop off is available for afternoon camps or late pick up for morning camps. Supervised Lunch break (lunch not provided) is from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm at the cost of $25 per week. For those attending both morning and afternoon camps in the same week, the supervised lunch break is free. Click on the following link for more information: Supervised Lunch Break.

*The Studio will open for morning drop off at 8:50 am and will close by 2:40 pm for afternoon pick up. Any drop offs or pick ups beyond these parameters will result in an additional charge. Please be on time to pick up your student!

10. What is the dress code?

Students should wear something comfortable and modest that they can move in. Please note: No tank tops or flip flops are allowed. (Flip flops impede movement and are a common cause of injuries.) Tennis shoes are typically the best choice for footwear.

11. Is there a recital for summer camps?
Most of our classes will have a performance on Friday. For our morning acting classes and our afternoon music, acting and specialty classes, a short recital or open share will take place on the last day of class, usually during the last 45 minutes. UCT does not provide costumes. Typically for acting camps, your child should wear something from home that represents their character. (You do not need to buy anything for this.) For music camps, students should usually wear pants they can move in and a solid color shirt. 

12. If you have other questions not addressed in the Summer camp FAQs, please email