Shakespeare Festival 2017

Do you want your children to grow up well rounded and read? Do you despise the thought of Shakespeare? Do you love Shakespeare? Do you want to look sophisticated to peers? Do you want to see great performances of Shakespeare but don't want to sit for three hours? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, then our festival is the event for you!!
2017 Shakespeare Festival runs August 19th - September 30th

The Festival Faire
Saturdays 9:30am - noon
Events and games on the Mainstage, Studio Stage, Soda Fountain and Studio Classrooms
All ages welcome. Free*
The Festival Faire is full of free* and paid activities and performances. Grab a pastry or other breakfast item from our concession stand and enjoy shows, dancing, archery, games galore, *puppet shows, *face painting, crafts, and more! *some activities require a small fee.

Puppet Shows
Saturdays 9:30am - noon  Approximately 7-10 min each
All ages welcome.  Small Entrance Fee, no ticket required for babies in arms
Four puppet shows, four different stories and styles. From Marionettes to hand puppets, the incredibly popular Puppet Shows will be moved to the Studio Stage. A very small entrance fee is required and helps support to cost of producing this magical series of performances.

Shakespeare Pop!
Saturdays 9:30am - noon Approximately 10 min each
All ages welcome. Free
Four live shows performed by our comedic group of Shakespearean performers.

Comedy of Errors

COMEDY, Approximately 1 hr 30 min with an intermission
Mainstage, Saturdays at 1pm
Ages 4+ (no babies or toddlers permitted)
The Comedy of Errors is a comedy about separated family and mistaken identity involving two sets of twins. Confusing and funny!

Romeo & Juliet, A super-condensed one act play
Approximately 40 min

Studio Stage, Saturdays at 12pm
Ages 6+ (no babies or toddlers permitted)
One of Shakepeare's most well-known plays, this version uses all of Shakespeare's language, however it is cut for length and storytelling added for clarity. 

The Royal Breakfast
Saturdays mornings at the Soda Fountain, BY RESERVATION
All ages welcome. 
Breakfast is served! reserve your spot to be treated to a wonderful breakfast. A selection of favorite breakfast items will be served with fresh fruit by our Soda Fountain staff. By Reservation, space is limited.

Our Soda Fountain and Concession Stand will be open during the festival. 

Once again, Utah is a paradise for Shakespeare fans. My favorites this year were the Utah Shakespeare Festival’s production of Henry V and the Utah Children’s Theatre production of The Taming of the Shrew. The former production was a fitting conclusion to the Henriad series that the Shakespeare Festival had produced since fall 2013. Henry V was truly the show that had it all: gorgeous costumes, superb acting, and flawless direction. All of these elements combined to strengthen one of Shakespeare’s finest scripts. The Taming of the Shrew at UCT was a delight from beginning to end. I adored the chemistry between James Parker and Emily Trulson Parker, a real-life husband and wife playing Petruchio and Katerina. ... —Russell Warne, UTBA staff