What is your seating capacity
Our new theatre can seat 210

When to arrive? 
Please arrive at 9:45. The show starts at 10:00.

When will the show end? 
Generally at 11:15. Performances have a 10 min intermission and a question and answer period following the performance. 

How much does each seat cost? 
Schools receive a subsidized price of $5.00 per seat for; students, teachers and chaperones. Regular ticket price is $14.

When do we need to pay? 
Your Order /Contracts will be sent on the date of reservation. An invoice will be sent at least one month in advance. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice (one month in advance of your field trip). Invoices will be emailed to the provided contact, unless otherwise noted. 

Payment can be made over the phone by credit card, or cash/check can be mailed to the theatre. We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX. Please make checks payable to The Children's Theatre. 

If special arrangements need to be made for payment, or if your district/organization requires a specific process be met, please be upfront with The Children's Theatre about this to help us ensure timely payment. 

Your field trip is not considered a fully scheduled event until we have 

received payment. If your group is late on payment you may lose your reservation.

If reservations need to be changed, or there is an issue with your payment due date, please call our office before your payment is due. We cannot make changes to your reservation after your payment due date has past (one month before your scheduled performance). 

3605 South State Street 
South Salt Lake, UT 84115 
Our Building is located east side of the street.

Tuesday - Thursday: 9:30am - 2:30pm (4pm - 6:30pm on class days)
Friday 12:30pm - 5:30pm
1 hour before showtimes on performance days 


Once payment is made, we do not offer a refund. However, for seats not used we do offer a ticket voucher to return to a public performance for student(s) who were unable to come on the scheduled day. 

Please see the Box Office at intermission or after the performance, or you can call/email to make arrangements for vouchers.

Do Teachers or chaperones come free? 
No. Because we offer a subsidized pricing to schools you pay for each seat. You may bring as many or as few chaperones and teachers as you feel you need. 

Can I buy a ticket at the door? 
We prefer that all needed seating is arranged and paid for prior to the day of the performance, due to the fact that there may be limited seating.

If there are seats available, we will work to accommodate – the admittance fee will have to be paid to the box office at intermission. 

Do I have to be a school to book a performance? 
We accept any group who acts like an education group; Preschools, Joy Schools, Home School Groups. We just ask that payments be made as a group and we have one contact working with The Theatre on the group’s reservation. 

Where do we park? 
We have our own private parking lots on both North & South sides of the theatre building. There is also plentiful parking along State Street.

Is the play the same as the book? 
Usually we follow the same story line as a book or stories. Sometimes there are several versions of a story which can be similar, but also very different. If it is a piece of classical literature such as Sleeping Beauty, the script will be based on the story line as there is no definitive book or version of the story. Teaching students about the story or related topics will enhance a student’s experience at our theatre, so we encourage doing so even if there is some variation. 

What age is appropriate? 
Preschool to 6th grade and beyond. Our plays are written specifically for children, so they are appropriate for any age. Babes in arms are not admitted. 

An important part of our School Performances is to introduce children to theatre. Please help us teach children about appropriate theatre behavior such as;

Arriving to the theatre on time
Visit the restroom before the performance starts
Turning off electronics
Not to speak during the play
Not to take pictures during the play
Remain seated for the entire play
Not to put their feet on the seats in front of them
DO clap at the end of acts
DO laugh when the play is funny
What intermission is for and how to behave during that time. 

Children will need to use the restroom during intermission, but it is also important to have a timely intermission - please help us with this by encouraging the children to use the restroom before they leave school and by helping us at the theatre to move them in and out of restrooms quickly. 

Do you have deaf interpreters/wheel chair access? 
If your school needs an interpreter, please let us know ahead of time to make arrangements. 

We do have wheel chair access, please tell the theatre in advance so we can have the wheel chair seating available.

If there are other special needs please inform the theatre in advance.

Where will we be sitting?
There are no reserved seats. You are seated at the discretion of the House Manager according to 
age, special needs and time of arrival. 

Where are our tickets? 
We do not issue tickets, just check in with the House Manager when you arrive at The Theatre. 

Can we bring food in the theatre? 
We do not allow food or drinks to our daytime performances
(except water).