Actor Information

Congratulations on being cast! We are so excited to have you be a part of our theatre. Here are some things you need to know and things you need to bring in. 

Complimentary Tickets
Actors and crew typically receive 4 comp tickets to be used during the first weekend. A link will be posted here to reserve your comp tickets.

Actor Contract 

Please read, sign and bring it to your first rehearsal. By signing it you agree to all the terms and we will hold you accountable to it. **If you are under 18 a parent must sign it.**

Wavier of Liability

Please read, sign, and bring it to your first rehearsal. If you have already signed one for this 2016-2017 season you don't need to fill it out again.**If you are under 18 a parent must sign it.**

Disciplinary Action Form 

If you break your contract you might receive one of these. They are kept in a personnel file and will be reviewed in the audition process. Executive Director will notified when fine occurs. Here are some examples of situations that may warrant a write up. 

Written Warning:

Offensive jokes or language 

Teasing or bullying

Disrespecting UCT Staff, Directors, Technicians, Stagemanagers 


Written Warning with a Fine:

Anything Listed Above 

Frequent tardiness without talking to the Stagemanager

Mis-Handling Costumes or Props 

Damage to UCT Property 

Changing or altering blocking, costumes or props during the run without permission from the correct authority 



Anything Listed Above

Sexual Harassment

Any physical confrontation with any member of your cast or staff

Drug or alcohol use while on UCT premises (Including coming to the theatre while under the influence) 


**The Utah Children's Theatre reserves the right to dismiss an actor, technician or director for any reason.**

Contracted Actors (No compensation for Shakespeare Festival at this time)
If you are 18 and older, to receive compensation as a contractor. We pay 10$ per performance. Meaning if you do 14 shows you will be paid $140. We must have a current (annually) W-9 and an invoice. You may use your own or the template linked below. We must receive a physical hard copy, so please mail or drop it off to the Box Office. Checks will be issued up to 30 days after we receive your invoice.

W-9  and Invoice (word) Invoice (pages)

Invoice for Special/Daytime Performances (word) 

Invoice for Special/Daytime Performances (pages)